How To Be Rental Ready When Your Dumpster Arrives

Are you a new customer of ours renting a dumpster for the first time? Here are some helpful tips to make sure the whole experience goes smoothly:

1. Make sure you’ve created enough space for cleared out ample space for the dumpster.

Make sure that your drop location is clear of any obstructions. Think of any trees or hanging wires that could be in the way, or cars that you may need to remove from the driveway to ensure the dumpster can be placed in your ideal location. Make sure you confirm with us the dimensions of the dumpster that you have rented so that you know how much room you need to clear out.

2. Make sure the delivery truck will be able to access your drop location.

While our dumpsters are around 8 feet tall, this is not the only height you must think about accommodating. The truck that will be delivering your dumpster will need a vertical clearance of 14-18 feet to be able to get the dumpster to your house. There must be a path for the truck to get there that doesn’t contain any vertical limitations like low bridges, power lines, tree limbs, etc. You also must make sure that there are 50 feet of parking clearance in a straight line for the driver to drop the container.

3. Make sure to avoid prohibited materials in your dumpster.

When you’re planning out your project and dumpster rental, make sure that you’re aware of what can and can not be thrown into one of our dumpsters, and what might cause you to incur extra charges. Things like lumber, drywall, flooring, and other common construction debris are completely fine. If you have hazardous items, electronics, chemicals, or anything else you might question, our dump location may tack on extra charges. If you have any questions about what is or is not acceptable please give us a call.


Dumpster Rental Ready Driveway

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