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American Reclamation has been providing waste, mixed-recycling removal, and front loader service to various businesses, multifamily residences, non-profit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions and schools since 1986.  Our rubbish and single-stream recycling collection service is offered on either:

  1. A prescheduled basis from 1 to 6 times per week (Mondays through Saturdays except holidays) according to customer requirements; and/or
  2. An on-call customer request basis with service performed within 24-hours after receipt of customer request.

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Contact American Reclamation toll free at 1-888-999-9330 or email us here to request a free on-site waste audit and a quote for refuse, mixed recycling and organics recycling collection services.

Recycling & Waste Collection Bin Sizes, Types & Options

We supply our refuse collection customers with separate color-coded trash and recycling front-loading bins in 1-yard, 1.5-yard, 2-yard, 3-yard, 4-yard and 6-yard standard sizes with quiet plastic lids and side-mounted fork channels according to customer needs and preferences.  We also offer optional locking bins, custom-size bins, metal lids, bottom fork channels and drain plugs at reasonable additional fees to satisfy customer requirements.

For customers, who need to recycle food waste and food-soiled paper in small weekly volumes, American Reclamation offers 2-wheel automated collection carts in 32-gallon and 64-gallon sizes.  Green waste and organics recycling collection bins, from 1-yard to 3-yard in size, are also available to customers. All bins are fully labeled as to the type of material to be disposed in them with grey or black bins labeled for trash or wet waste, blue bins labeled for dry mixed recycling, green bins labeled for organics recycling (e.g.: food waste, food-soiled paper and yard/landscape trimmings), and white bins reserved for and labeled for specific source-separated recyclable commodities such as cardboard, paper or scrap metal.

Items That We Accept In Our Organics, Recycling & Trash Bins

We operate our own clean materials recovery facility (MRF) in Los Angeles, CA which enables us to sort and process the mixed single-stream recycling we pickup from our customers to maximize our recycling and landfill diversion rates.  Items that we accept in our mixed recycling bins include:

  • Dry cardboard
  • Chipboard and paper
  • CRV beverage containers
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Scrap plastics #1 through #5
  • Small pieces of scrap metal

Please go to our Current Literature page to view and download bilingual pictorial flyers as to what we accept in our blue recycle bins, green organics collection bins, grey or black non-hazardous trash bins, and what items we won’t accept in either recycle or trash bins (and how find out how to dispose of various hazardous or unacceptable materials).

Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste composes 40% of waste material disposed in California landfills.  When organic materials biodegrade and decompose under the anaerobic conditions of sanitary landfills, methane (CH4) gas is generated and escapes into the earth’s atmosphere.  Methane is the 2nd most prevalent greenhouse gas, next to carbon dioxide (CO2) causing climate change. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, methane accounts for 10% of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. “Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is 25 times greater than CO2 (carbon dioxide) over a 100-year period.”  By reducing and recycling their organic waste, Californians can reduce methane gas emissions and improve the environment and air quality.

Organics waste recycling is not just another way to conserve landfill space, but rather a state requirement that municipal sanitation departments and commercial waste haulers have to offer and provide to protect our air and our environment.  This is an existential quality of life issue that everyone has to commit to resolving together and be willing to change existing personal behaviors and organizational practices. Organics recycling may appear costly and difficult to implement and perform  for some organizations, businesses and property owners, but American Reclamation, Inc. can assist with and provide you with the options you need.

Our Standard Front-Loading Bin Sizes By Cubic Yard Capacity:


Size 1-Yard 1.5-Yards 2-Yards 3-Yards 4-Yards 6-Yards
Length* 71 inches 71 inches 71 inches 71 inches 71 inches 71 inches
Width 22 inches 30 inches 34 inches 42 inches 50 inches 66 inches
Front Height** 27 inches 30 inches 33 inches 39.5 inches 46 inches 50 inches
Rear Height** 27 inches 34 inches 40 inches 47 inches 56.5 inches 69 inches

*Add 10 inches to outside length for side fork channels.** Add 6 inches to overall height for casters.

front loader service

Push-Out & Scout Service

American Reclamation offers optional scout truck service in the Altadena, Burbank, Glendale, La Crescenta and Pasadena areas for multifamily residences and customer locations with subterranean refuse bin storage areas or trash enclosures.  Push-out service is offered to customers who have bins and carts placed between 25 and 75 feet from the street or nearest access point for our refuse truck.

Clean Air CARB-Compliant Trucks

All American Reclamation’s front-loading refuse collection trucks are CARB-compliant to minimize emissions. Each garbage truck is also staffed by 2-person crews to ensure safety, and posses the necessary equipment to immediately clean up spills should they occur on customer property or public streets.

front loader service

Free Customer Waste Audits & Analysis

Our sales staff performs free on-site waste audits and needs analysis for prospective and new customers upon request to ensure proper sizing of required bins and frequency of pickup as well as educating customers on compliance with State of California laws AB 341 and AB 1826 pertaining mandatory commercial recycling and mandatory organics recycling respectively.  Please go to our Current Literature page to view and download our waste audit questionnaires.

Fixed Monthly Charges and Easy Payment Convenience

American Reclamation’s monthly service rates for front-loading bin waste disposal and mixed-recycling collection are all-inclusive covering bin pickup, material processing and disposal, and all applicable local taxes.  We keep our monthly service billing fixed for annual periods and, except for charges for additional pickups made upon customer prior request and approval, we don’t tack on variable fuel surcharges, environmental fees, distance charges, gate closure fees, remote fees, etc. on our service invoices.  We only raise our rates, with minimum of 30 days prior notice to customers, when there is an increase in local landfill rates or an increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Areas (CPI-U) as published by U.S. Department of Labor. We work to keep our monthly billings consistent to avoid surprises to our customers and enable them to meet their monthly operating budgets.  We also offer automatic monthly credit card payment with prior customer authorization and on-line bill pay on our website for customer convenience.

Additional Services

Roll Off Rental

At American Reclamation we specialize in Roll-off Bin and Dumpster Rentals in Burbank and surrounding areas.

Recycling Services

We own and operate a 4-acre clean material recovery center (MRF) at 4560 Doran St. in the City of Los Angeles.

Organic Waste

Organics Recycling for any Business, Multifamily Residence, Non-profit Organization, or Government Agency

Product Destruction

We provide inexpensive, confidential and certified product and material destruction and disposal at an affordable rate.


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